SGM George Yosich 10th Special Forces Group Plaque.




October 3, 1928 - 23 October 2010 Merchant Marine Service Jul 45 - Dec 45 Seagoing Tug Port Newark. Feb-Mar 46 Sheephead Bay Victory Ship transporting German POWs to Belgium and US Soldiers home. May- Oct 46 Roswell Victory ship transporting live animal cargo from Brazil to Europe. Sep - Dec 47 Basic Training Co A, 47th Inf Rgt, 9th Inf Div, Fort Dix NJ. 9 Dec 47-21 Dec 50 BN S-2 Scout and Observer HQ Co, 2nd BN, 504th A/B Inf. 21 Dec 50- 8 Jul 52 G2 Intel Sgt, 82nd Airborne Division. Jul 52- Sep 53 CID, 87th MP CID Det, Fort Bragg. Oct 53 Transferred to 612th QM Aerial Supply Co, Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, CA 6th Army. Dec 53-Jun 55 UNPFK/UNPIK 2nd PIR and Airborne Special Mission Section (AVIARY). Jun 55- Nov 57 Assistant Intel Instructor, SF Dept, UW School, Fort Bragg, NC. Nov 57-Oct 60 1st Provisional Company, 10th SFG (A) Bad Tolz, Germany. Oct 60- Oct 61 Co A, 77th SFG (A) Det A Oct 61- Apr 62 Co A 77th SFG (A) Det A Laos (White Star/ MTT). Apr 62- Feb 63 Co A, 7th SFG (A) Det B Feb 63- Aug 63 Co C, 7th SFG(A) TDY Ops and Intel Sgt, Det A-732, Tran My RVN. Aug 63-Sep 65 Co C, 7th SFG (A) Ops and Intel Sgt Fort Bragg, NC. Sep 65-Nov 72 Assistant S-2/Group S-2 (Ft Devens) 10th SFG (A) Bad Tolz/Fort Devens, Mass. Retired from Fort Riley, KS, SGM MP BN 1975.

SGM George Yosich 10th Special Forces Group Plaque


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